Next Door Studios | Alec Leduc

Alec Leduc

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

December 31, 2012

"Alec Leduc is a Canadian heartthrob with deep blue eyes and a really great body. A little restrained at first, he begins to warm up to the camera, and as he strips out of his shorts and begins to fondle his cock, he turns up the heat even more. Taking shade in the back of his van, he takes in the countryside and it reminds him of good times with friends, laying out in the sun, and oh, those summer nights. He rubs his body down and finds his cock staring back up him demanding attention, so he spreads his legs and strokes it into submission, until it finally relents and bursts forth with all the bounty contained within. Wiping the sweat from his brow and smearing the cum into his stomach, he lays his head back and falls off into satisfied sleep. Enjoy!"

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Next Door Studios | Brock Cooper (2)


Brock Cooper (2)

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

December 24, 2012

"Take a candid sneak peek at Brock Cooper as he enters the empty gym and preps for his workout. Trying to build up a little sweat, he does some lifting, some curls and some jump rope after changing into his workout clothes. Unsatisfied with the sweat he's achieved, he slowly peels off his shorts and grabs his cock for some heavy lifting. Feeling it swell inside his fingers, he sits back on the bench and spreads his legs as he strokes it up and down. Fully naked now, and bathed in the light creeping though the window, he thrusts back and forth as he gets closer and closer to climax, sitting back on the bench and pulling his legs up as he explodes his load in massive release. Exhale Brock, and get some water. You've earned it! Enjoy!"

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Next Door Studios | Mario Torrez


Mario Torrez

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

November 12, 2012

"Mario Torrez is an Italian hunk of meat with a Canadian flair for the dramatic. Slowly undressing by a pond on a sunny afternoon, he cuts a picturesque figure amidst all the natural beauty. Reaching inside his pants he pulls out his cock and starts to work it as it glistens in the sunlight. Reclining in a lounger, he rubs himself down and begins to sun himself as he continues to stroke away. And as the midday sun waxes and wanes into late afternoon, he spreads his legs and jacks with intent, reaching for the prize and tugging for pleasure, as his cock stands straight up and swells before letting forth with fountain of jizz that spills onto Mario’s rippling chest, which he smears into his skin as it shimmers in the dusk. Enjoy!"

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Next Door Studios | Zack Lemec


Zack Lemec

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

October 15, 2012

"Scanning the rural countryside, you are likely to see many wonders of nature, but none so striking in this landscape as the picturesque physique of Zack Lemec. Perched on a boulder underneath the bright sun, he smolders and shimmers as the light glistens off his sun drenched body. Stripping naked to soak in the rays, he basks in the warmth and fondles himself by a deep blue pond. Working himself into a frenzy, he sits back against rock and reclines amidst the foliage, natural as can be, and without a care in the world. The good life, he thinks, as he explodes forth in a gooey offering to the day… the good life indeed. Enjoy!"

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Next Door Studios | Lance Alexander (2)


Lance Alexander (2)

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

August 20, 2012

"Lance Alexander is a former water polo player showing off a few moves in the pool on a beautiful sunny summer day. Thrashing around in the pool as he partakes in different exercises, he works up quite a bit of sexual energy. As he showers off, his gigantic cock begs to be stroked, so upon exiting the shower, he obliges and leans back on the sofa, spreading his fingers around the shaft and stroking his dick to maximum length. Swelling in his hands, his dick stands straight up as he flogs away, getting up to move closer to the fireplace and warm his naked body. Once his body temperature is restored, he lays back down on the couch and proceeds to masturbate with purpose, moving his free hand about his body and teasing his asshole and taint, until Lance is ready to explode, doing so in a messy puddle all over the couch cushions. Enjoy!"

GALLERY Lance Alexander (2)

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Next Door Studios | Anthony Russo


Anthony Russo

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

June 18, 2012

"Anthony Russo is one sexy Italian stud, and he is on full display in this locker room solo. Bulging out of his pants, he slowly rubs himself down as he gets himself worked up. Getting ever harder, he begins to stroke it standing up, then turns to show his sculpted ass as he fucks the glory with his shimmering penis going in and out. Now that he's really worked up, he leans back against the stall and sits down on the floor to finish off this whack attack, talking into the camera and shooting a messy load all over his hands. Luckily the shower is right there, but that's a whole other scene for a whole 'nother time. Enjoy!"

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Next Door Studios | Lance Alexander


Lance Alexander

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

March 26, 2012

"Here's a first-timer for Next Door Male. Lance Alexander is a very well-hung, well proportioned young man. He enjoys the thrill of exhibition and savors the idea of turning on his new fans. This time he's relaxing on the couch, tugging his fattie and sticking his ass out while bending over. When you see this handsome stud, you'll want to pull out your own cock and stroke along with him. This young, lean specimen will satisfy your craving for the slender, strong type, yet leave you wanting more! Enjoy!"

GALLERY Lance Alexander

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Next Door Studios | Vic Dictor

Vic Dictor

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

March 19, 2012

"Vic Dictor is brand new to the biz, coming from the warm beaches and sunny skies of Jacksonville, FL straight to you in his Next Door Male debut. A boxer and cage fighter by trade, he starts off by showing some moves and shadowboxing in his skivvies. But his real talent is inside his pants, and he wastes no time showing it off. Pulling out his dick as the sun glistens through the window, Vic reclines on a chair and begins stroking. A little nervous at first, he quickly becomes at ease and shifts his focus to the growing shaft in his hand. Turning into a first class 'palm pilot' he fingers his taint and massages his balls as he pulls his dick in every direction, finally cumming all over his tanned stomach and letting it glisten in the sunlight peeking through the blinds. Enjoy!"

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Next Door Studios | Mike Matters


Mike Matters

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

October 18, 2010

"This tanned guy is Mike Matters. Coming from Canada, this bilingual hunk is here to show off his stuff. When he's not stripping, he's either working out, or working in his shop, building race cars. For this scene, Mike will be showing you that a wrench isn't the only tool he knows how to handle; he's quite good handling his 7” uncut tool too! Enjoy!"

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Next Door Studios | Tyler Torro


Tyler Torro

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

October 11, 2010

"This hunk of beautiful meat is only 21 years old. Meet Tyler Torro. Standing at 6'1" and weighing in at a healthy 180 pounds, Tyler is the definition of Young Stud. When this guy's not working out, he's at the gym anyway since he's a personal trainer. When he's not doing either of those things, he's on the prowl with his buddies, looking for the next little slut to dip his fat cock into. Lucky for you, he'll be exhibiting his hot rod in this NextDoorMale scene today. From the shower to the sofa, Tyler uses his hand and the infamous FleshLight to get his dick off. Fun stuff! Enjoy!"

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