Cocky Boys | The Haunting Part 2: Into the Woods


The Haunting Pt 2: Into the Woods

Featuring Dale Cooper & Ricky Roman

December 19, 2012

"During the week of Halloween, 2012, lovers Jake Steel and Dillon Rossi decided to take a brief vacation to an isolated cabin in the woods of upstate New York. They were never seen again.

A month later, Dale Cooper has been assigned to investigate the couple's disappearance and recover any necessary evidence. And when he arrives at the location they were last known to have been alive, things immediately take a turn for the supernatural. Doors open and close on their own, lights go on and off, and loud noises rattle the walls without explanation. But by far the most mysterious occurrence is a strange boy in a hunting coat, who occasionally appears to Dale on the side of the road, on the front lawn, and in his dreams.

As time goes on and his sightings of the boy become more frequent, Dale realizes this boy wants something from him... but what? It's not until the boy finally appears in his bedroom late one night and kisses him that realizes what that is. Dale can't help but undress him and give him what he wants, whoever he is, and it's impossible for him not to want him in return. No matter if it's reality or fantasy, passion is passion. But passion can sometimes get in the way of professionalism, and it all becomes too much for Dale when he wakes up the next morning and finds the boy not in his bedroom but outside on the lawn. The boy hungrily gestures for Dale to follow him, hoping to disclose a secret that will change everything.

But in order for Dale to uncover that secret, Dale must step far out of his comfort zone... and venture off into the woods."




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Cockyboys | Meet Dale Cooper: Sexy Big-Cocked Bad Boy!

Meet Dale Cooper: Sexy Big-Cocked Bad Boy!

Featuring Dale Cooper

December 5, 2012

"We can guarantee you've never met a guy quite like Dale Cooper before. On top of being tall, dark, and sexy, he's got a sharp sense of humor and intelligence to match. You never get bored with the things that come out of his mouth (or in them for that matter). He's been with girls, guys, and girls and guys together in one bed, and he's sexually versatile. Dale loves it all and can do it all -- you can tell just by one glimpse of that sneaky smile of his. Dale's eight tattoos are something that always raises a lot of questions, but his answers are a lot simpler than you might imagine. He explains that each tattoo represents a "virtue" from one of his favorite childhood pastimes, a dragon-slaying video game that taught him to be a morally upstanding kind of guy! He has these tattoos on his biceps, his chest, abs, and back, but our favorite one was on his left ass cheek meaning "humility." With an ass like that, though, there was no reason for Dale to feel humiliated. In fact, after we saw him strip off his shirt, pants, and tighty-whiteys, and then stroke his cock with a dildo up his ass, I don't think there's any guy out there that wouldn't hire Dale to slay some dragons for him!"


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Cockyboys | Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara

Tony Capucci and Alex Vaara


Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara

Featuring Alex Vaara and Tony Capucci

April 20, 2012

"What goes around comes back around. And so do our cockyboys. Tony has been enjoying his time back at the Cockyboys Mansion but he needed to take a break. So he went out for a hike only to run into one of our hungry little cock-sucker, Alex Vaara. (I swear to God, we're everywhere). Tony showed Alex a few exercises but all he wanted to do was put his dick inside his mouth and shoot like a loaded gun. So he decided to give the little one a chance (as if he ever had one...) and suggested that the make a bet- the usual "You lose, you suck" type of bet but hey - any way we can get cock in our boys' holes is fair game to me! Watch as Alex drools all over Tony's muscular body and worships much more than just his cock! This is every boy's fantasy come true. After all, that's what we do here- we make reality into fantasy... Or was it the other way around?"

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Cockyboys | Jimmy Clay Rides 4-Wheelers...and Tony Capucci

Jimmy Clay and Tony Capucci


Jimmy Clay Rides 4-Wheelers...and Tony Capucci

Featuring Jimmy Clay and Tony Capucci

March 22, 2012

"Gentlemen, Cockyboys is proud to present the scene that is going to win the Award for Best Cumshot of the Year. This may not come as a surprise to most of you who are already familiar with Jimmy's unbelievable cum-shooting skills but I do have to warn you - this is like nothing you've ever seen before. One time I asked Jimmy to fill me in on his secret and he said it's all in the water - drinking a gallon of water before his scene makes him shoot like a volcano. Well, naive me of course drank two gallons of water the next day but my load was still nothing compared to what I've seen cum out of Jimmy's dick (still quite impressive though, if I may say so myself!). So I thought about it and I figured - it's always when Jimmy has a big hard cock up his ass that he shoots his heart out. I decided to do some tests. I wanted to somehow get him to ride Tony Capucci's cock all day just to see if the longer stimulation would produce a bigger load but I knew th at would have been a bit too much to ask for. Instead, I decided to put something big, strong, and very fast between his legs and let him ride it for as long as he wants. As soon as that 4-wheeler started buzzing between his legs I could see the smile on his face and the massive boner in his pants. I knew I was on to something! When they got back home, I told Tony that I wanted him to fuck Jimmy upside down so that he would end up shooting in his own mouth. And when the moment finally came, so did Jimmy! He was eager to taste his own cum so he kept his mouth open. The load filled up his mouth full and then covered his whole face. He was practically drowning in his own cum. With every thrust, Tony kept going in deeper and deeper and more cum kept sperming out of Jimmy's cock until he was completely soaked. And that was just one of the loads! You have to watch and see what happens with Tony's load - I'll tell you that much - of course it ended up in Jimmy's mouth but Tony was nowhere near him..."

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Cockyboys | Tony Capucci is Back!

Cockyboys Tony Capucci is Back!

Tony Capucci

Tony Capucci is Back!

Featuring Tony Capucci

March 19, 2012

"Capucci! Most of you are probably already pre-cumming in your pants just because of all the good memories that this name is associated with on our website. Back in the day, when Cockyboys was just a small not-so-well-known website featuring a bunch of crazy dudes who didn't give a fuck about anything but getting their nut off, Tony Capucci was a major player in his own league. He left Cockyboys to pursue other interests in life but as we've proven to you a few times already - "Once a Cockyboy, always a Cockyboy!". In his own words "I just had to come back." Tony is one of those guys that you have to meet and spend some time with to realize how amazing they are because words fail to describe them. So I pulled him aside during one of our shoots (that's right! he did more than just one) and I did a little interview with him (which you can watch in the interview section of this page or just click here). I swear to God, I could cum just by listening to him talk. What's even crazier is that every time I look at him I see my camp coach from HS - he was a typical 100% Italian, dark, strong, handsome, with a thick Italian accent and he always walked around shitless. He's pretty much the reason why I like guys but that's a whole different story. But enough talking! How about we all take a short vacation to Italy and let this stud show us why we love him so much! Italian sausage, anyone?"

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Cockyboys | Jimmy Clay & Jake Bass Flip-fuck!


Jimmy Clay & Jake Bass Flip-fuck!

Featuring Jake Bass & Jimmy Clay

March 8, 2012

"By now you have probably already heard me say the line "Once a Cockyboy, always a Cockyboy!" a million times. Well, it's true. And this time we brought back Jimmy Clay to prove me right and show everyone how our Cockyboys like to roll. Sometimes it seems as if once our boys are done filming for our site they just disappear from the scene and are gone forever. We're here to change that idea! "Is there life after Cockyboys?" you might ask? Hell yeah there is! Jimmy seems to be reaping the benefits in his post-Cockyboys career - he showed up driving his brand new and loud convertible and wasted no time picking up Jake Bass and taking him out on a Sunday-funday ride to show him what the good life is all about. These days Jimmy's hair is a little longer, he has gotten a little wiser, a little bigger, and A LOT hornier than the old Jimmy we used to know! Before Jake had any chance to take in the beautiful scenery of Palm Springs, he found his head berried in Jimmy's crotch while he was driving his open convertible and the cars were driving by. When you're a Cockyboy veteran - things like that don't bother you. You get it on when you want, however you want, and with whomever you want. That's just how it is. No explanation needed. When they got back from the ride, Jake was hungry for more! Truth is, Jake has been craving Jimmy's cock ever since he can remember. When I first met Jake and asked him "What Cockyboy do you want to have sex with the most?" he didn't hesitate for a second. "Jimmy Clay!! Please!!!", he cried. "I would do anything with him!" If by "anything" he meant choking on his dick, burring his face in his hole before plowing it and then bending over on top of a convertible's seats to ride on Jimmy's dick then I think we just made a Cockyboy's dream come true. And I'm sure Jake wasn't the only one who had been having that same dream... So dream on, fuckers! This one goes out to all the fans out there who never stop believing in our Cockyboys. Because they will always CUM back!"

Jimmy-jake-01 Jimmy-jake-02

Jimmy-jake-03 Jimmy-jake-04

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Cockyboys | Gabriel Clark, Kennedy Carter & Jake Bass!!!


Gabriel Clark, Kennedy Carter & Jake Bass!!!

Featuring Gabriel Clark, Jake Bass & Kennedy Carter

February 24, 2012

"As most of you already know, Gabriel Clark completely fucked Kennedy Carter's brains out a few weeks ago, showing his hole absolutely no mercy whatsoever. What most of you don't know, however, is that Jake Bass was also on set helping out with lights and taking pictures and, of course, fluffing Kennedy. He was so cute the way he was sniffing around Gabriel and Kennedy like a little puppy that we decided the next day to shoot a scene with all three of them. There wasn't much of a set up there but then again - who needs a set up when you've got three smokin' hot horny fuckers?? Not us. So we let them do their thing and eagerly waited to see who's cock will end up in whose hole. Of course, more than one cockyboy got fucked, and of course - all at the same time. Check out how they did it!"


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Cockyboys | Gabriel Clark Fucks Jake Bass



Gabriel Clark Fucks Jake Bass

Featuring Gabriel Clark & Jake Bass

December 8, 2011

"Gabriel Clark was being his usual self - a cum-starved pigster - so he decided to do what he does best - find himself some boy to drill until his favorite juice starts sperming out of the boy's cock so he could satisfy his thirst. So he found Jake Bass - Cockyboys' newest exclusive addition. Jake had heard of the legendary Gabriel Clark and decided to put his hole to the test. He knew there was only one man who could initiate his bottom career and it had to be done right. So it worked out for both of them - by the end of the scene Jake was taking it like a real man and Gabriel was drowning himself in Jake's load which went straight down his throat. It's a win-win for Cockyboys. Again!"

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Cockyboys | Gabriel Clark Pummels Brandon Jones



Gabriel Clark Pummels Brandon Jones

Featuring Brandon Jones & Gabriel Clark

November 7, 2011

"The other day I did some research online and it turns out that the terms "Gabriel Clark" and "cum-eating-pig" are now officially synonyms in the online dictionary of gay porn. Quite frankly, I wasn't surprised at all. In his entire career over here at Cockyboys Gabriel Clark has guzzled more cum than I've ever seen anyone else do in their lifetime. And I've seen some pretty damn greedy hungry pig bottoms out there, trust me! And all that, combined with his amazing top skills make Gabriel the total catch. When the fucking began I could tell that Brandon was really enjoying himself. He was so happy that his turn to take Gabriel's cock had finally cum! But little did that poor bottom boy know what he was in store for! After about half an hour of merciless fucking and total domination of his hole I could tell by the expression on Brandon's face that he had been taken way past the point where his fantasy ended and he was in that space where all of Gabriel Clark's bottoms go and never come back from. So I would like to officially apologize to Brandon right here, right now and say that I am terribly (not) sorry for what I put him through and that I really hope his hole is recovering well (so we can do all that to it again soon!!)- cockyboys style!!"

Brandon-gabriel-03 Brandon-gabriel-05

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Cockyboys | Mason Star & Spencer Fox Flip-fuck!

Mason Star & Spencer Fox Flip-fuck!

Featuring Mason Star & Spencer Fox

September 8, 2011

"Mason and Spencer decided to crash over at my place after a wild Saturday night party and I knew something was going to happen in the morning when they woke up. So I called Kevin Crows over and told him to get the new camera and go film those two horny fucks going at it. And sure enough, they didn't disappoint. Both Mason and Spencer have gigantic cocks and they loved shoved them up each other's holes like virgins that have just discovered the pleasures of anal sex. The result? Mason practically got showered with cum. Soooo hot!!"


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