Chaosmen | Sinclair & Tatum Parks: Serviced


Sinclair & Tatum Parks: Serviced

October 10, 2012

"As I mentioned during Sinclair's solo summary, he was pretty nervous about working with a guy. He thought the Edge video sounded like a great way for him to do a video, but wasn't down for any of the extras stuff that usually goes along with an Edge video.

So I thought I would put the new bed straps to use, and I actually kind of like these modified Serviced videos, though not seeing their eyes does take a bit away.

Tatum does a fine job Servicing him, but Sinclair gets wobbly here and there like he did during his Solo. So I don't think it had much to do with Tatum's skills or the situation. I think Sinclair is just the epitome of the nervous straight guy.

Tatum likes to rim, and as we learned from Sinclair, he likes his ass eaten!

I figured Tatum wouldn't be able to make him bust, plus Tatum is down to eat cum AND can bust right along with the other guy, so I had Tatum lay down while Sinclair unloaded in his mouth. Tatum had access to his own cock and was spurting in no time.

I like the ending on this one cuz Sinclair takes off his blindfold and we get some eye contact in there. Plus there is something to be said for the 'ole dump-your-load-in-the-mouth type of cumshot!

Stay tuned for Friday when we see Solomon get Bossy with Tatum!"


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Chaosmen | Sinclair: Solo


Sinclair: Solo

October 1, 2012

"Sinclair is a recovering "party boy" who spent his younger days likely giving his parents grey hair. He dodged some real trouble a couple times, and is now in the process of getting back on his feet.

He seems like the kind of guy that likes showing-off his body. He clearly works hard at it, and he is a natural exhibitionist. Though he seemed kinda nervous during the video and relied on the TV to keep him hard.

Sinclair grew his pubes out for us, and I think it is kinda cool that he basically has blond pubes. He is nicely equipped too, and his backside is awe-inspiring.

He wasn't too sure about the oral video. He liked the idea of an Edge video, but didn't want to reciprocate at all. Which means he liked the idea of being blindfolded so he didn't really know who was sucking him.

I've got Tatum on oral duty with him, and it is very hot to watch a quasi-bondage film of this hot guy getting Serviced! Stay Tuned for Next Week!"

Chaosmen_sinclair_hires_03 Chaosmen_sinclair_hires_05

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Chaosmen | Booker & Glenn: G:hOle RAW


Booker & Glenn: G:hOle RAW

September 26, 2012

"I am gonna admit something. I am trying to do another G:hOle (Glory Hole) DVD, and realized that a lot of the ones I had done were already on other DVD compilations.

So I have been focusing on getting guys in there, so it may seem like the bathroom has been used a lot lately. I only need about 3-4 more films to complete it.

I thought Booker and Glenn might look out of place at the location, but it turns out they were excited to be somewhere else, and doing something different. Not really a lot of acting going on, but it is a lot more than a bedroom scene. They had a lot of fun, and I think they are both keen on pushing their limits even more.

Booker can't decide if he is Bi or just a voracious exhibitionist. We both agree it is likely he loves showing-off as he really focuses on the straight porn to get-off, and doesn't ever jerk-off thinking of guys.

Glenn isn't much of a show-off. He tended to smile incredulously through his first couple videos, but now he seems to really get in the moment. I also think he responds better with guys with muscular builds, so I am not sure what it all means, but he definitely is enjoying the shoots a lot more.

Did some fancy editing on this to make the video more interesting as you get to see both players in action at the same time.

Both guys have really honed their oral skills, and truly enjoyed sucking cock through the hole. As I said, it seemed and felt natural for them to do this video in a public space, so I don't know what that says about their extra curricular activities or fantasies.

Booker eventually rides Glenn's cock while he is on the toilet. It is a tough position to work, but he does an admirable job. They finally move to the floor and we get some great penetration shots.

Booker likes to cum on this back while being fucked, and Glenn fucks the cum out of him.

Glenn busts his load, the first shot flying way over the mark, right into Booker's eye! Why does that always happen! LOL! Poor guy had red, achy eye for about 4 hours. It was a massive load!

Glenn recovers quickly and keeps pushing Booker down, so he can juice his ass.

This is a very fun video, with two guys who really enjoyed working the G:hOle!!



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Chaosmen | Haigan & Kirk: Bossy DC


Haigan & Kirk: Bossy DC

September 14, 2012

"Director's Cut with all the action!

Kirk swears this is his first time getting fucked by a guy, but I never know what to believe with these guys. I could tell Haigan was a polished performer, so knew he could take Kirk through his paces.

Since Haigan has a bossy side, I figured he could boss around Kirk, who is naturally very passive. Haigan makes him strip down, suck his cock, and then shoves a rather large butt plug up his ass. Well, it seemed pretty large to Kirk, who then had to suck Haigan's big uncut meat with his ass stuffed.

We get a tiny bit of ass eating as Haigan preps Kirk's ass to be fucked.

Haigan stays all cool and chill sitting in his chair, while Kirk uses his super long legs to straddle Haigan's cock. It is challenging position that the two completely get into! Kirk's cock clearly loves grinding around on Haigan's cock, and wow! Haigan sure knows how to fuck!

He gets him doggy style and really tears him up! Kirk is loving being dominated while Haigan fucks the heck out of him!

We do get some fetish play in the Director's Cut. Just a quick minute of footage as Haigan rinses-off Kirk's hole before stuffing his cock in.

Kirk was pretty eager to nut the entire time, and pretty sure having Haigan ramming him put him over the top very easy.

Haigan breeds him after fucking the cum out of him, but what I like best is after juicing him, he slides on up and makes Haigan clean his cock off with his mouth! Ass to mouth lovers will love the ending on this video!"


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Chaosmen | Lars: Serviced


Lars: Serviced

Featuring Lars & Ransom

September 5, 2012

"Lars just seems like a big beefy straight guy to me. He wasn't too sure about getting head from a guy, but thought the massage table setting would work. I had it all set up for Deryck's shoot and when he saw the table, he volunteered into doing that theme.

The TV is going for him to look at like, much like any Serviced video, and he certainly takes the opportunity to view it. But what I find enjoyable is when you can clearly see he is having a moment of total bliss as he writhes around in ecstasy.

His facial expressions are priceless!

He starts off quiet and unsure, especially since Ransom focused on his ass at the outset. He seemed to like it, but it didn't wake his cock up like I would have liked. Ransom flips him over and immediately sets himself to getting Lars properly hard.

Ransom pulls out all his tricks and he finally gets Lars up and strong. Once he has him hard, he stops to massage his body, teasing his cock with a nudge every now and then.

I had told Ransom that Lars was quite the shooter so he jerked his cock hard and fast, but with his face at a distance so he could get sprayed. Sure enough Lars shot fast and furiously all over Ransom's face.

Safety Glasses anyone?

Ransom licks the cum and there is spit and jizz everywhere!"


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Chaosmen | Brooks & Deryck Campbell: Serviced


Brooks & Deryck Campbell: Serviced

August 29, 2012

"After working with Deryck ten minutes, Brooks said, "He is the straightest guy I have worked with."

Deryck thought Brooks said that because he was not staying hard enough, which was not the case. I think it has to do more with the way he carries himself. Big and beefy, kind of a country twang, and just generally acts like you would think a straight dude would act.

He is sweet as can be, and we started off his massage with some anal stimulation. When Brooks got him doggy-style and saw that Deryck's dick had got hard from the anal play, he was even more astonished. I think Deryck was too. Young guys!

Brooks gives his back door a lot of attention, and by the time he flips Deryck over, both of them are ready for some head. Ironically, Deryck's dick gets a little wobbly. Not sure if it was because his ass was no longer being played with, but I suspect once he flipped over, he couldn't imagine a girl was playing with his ass.

Regardless, he takes a few peeks at the porn we had going, and he was up and enjoying the sensations in no time.

We get him sitting upright for a minute or so. He is such a massive guy, that I just didn't think the audience could see that, so having him up next to Brooks gives you a sense of scale. Deryck loses his wood pretty quick, but I think it was worth it to see the big guy all upright and being jerked-off by his new buddy.

Deryck was typical in saying that he couldn't cum from a blow job, even though he likes more mature girls with more experience. I told him not to worry about it. Let Brooks try a couple times, and if not, we can get him upright and he can jerk his cock into Brooks open mouth. I had faith that my gay guy could make him shoot.

Turns out Brooks got him to nut on the first try. Brooks has got the whole "stick with the motion that is working till your arm/mouth is aching" thing. You really have to have stamina to make some guys nut, but I think overall Brooks made Deryck nut in under 2 minutes of putting hist mind and effort in to it.

Brooks goobles up his jizz, sucking the last drop out of his fat cock.

Not sure if Deryck will be back for more. He found the shoot pretty easy, so I am not certain, but he seemed like Oral was going to be his limit.

If you like massage videos and uber-straight guys being made to cum, you will love this Serviced video!"


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Chaosmen | Lars: Solo


Lars: Solo

August 27, 2012

"Lars is a big beefy country boy with city boy style! I do mean big! At about 6 feet and 200 pounds the dude has got some presence! Big arms, big quads, meaty ass, meaty uncut cock! Geez!

I think his cock is uncut. It kinda has that half cut look to it, but he does roll his foreskin up and down over his head, so I think it counts as uncut.

Lars likes pretty much any type of girl. Any race or size, but right now he is focusing on lean and fit girls. It was very easy to find a video he liked. The first thing I put on, and he was all set to go!

His favorite thing to do with a girl is to eat them out. I haven't heard that one in a while, and nothing says "Straight Guy" like one who enjoys his face planted in a hooha!

Probably the most notable thing about Lars, other than his blonde good looks, is his ability to shoot tons of cum five to six feet into the air. He warned me he could give himself a facial, but I had no idea it would be like a volcano that would rain back down on him and the couch!

It is an astounding to see and it will surely go down as one of the best ChaosMen solo cum shots!"


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Chaosmen | Gavin Sevin & Vander: RAW


Gavin Sevin & Vander: RAW

August 24, 2012

"This was such a fun video to do...and to watch!

Vander can be such a power bottom when a big muscly guy comes along, especially one that can get "Bossy!"

Gavin Sevin sits in his chair telling Vander to start stripping for him. Vander's cock is clearly waking up just from being ordered around. Pretty sure Gavin was enjoying it to, as his cock looked pretty hard in his shorts as well.

Gavin has him strip, show him his cock and ass, then makes him suck his cock. It's a lot more fun being bossy when you know your new plaything has a toy in his ass, so he sticks a wild looking butt plug up his ass, making him suck his cock and eat his ass with a toy crammed inside Vander's hole.

Gavin gets in some of his own cock sucking, and does a fine job on Vander's ginormous unit. It's rather a mouthful!

Vander gets up on the chair and Gavin pulls out the toy, replacing it with his own cock. I love seeing Vander power fucked! His cock loves it too, and he clearly is eager to be pounded. Gavin appears to be a pretty aggressive Top, or least he really let lose as Vander encouraged him to really fuck him hard.

They switch it up a bit with Gavin sitting on the edge of the chair arm and Vander bouncing up and down on his cock. It's a pretty challenging position, but geeez, they fuck like wild monkeys! I think Gavin was just in awe of how voracious Vander was!

After that, it was time to get more comfortable. They make their way over to the bed where Gavin can really get some good penetration and rhythm going. It took no time at all for him to fuck a load out of Vander.

I believe this is Gavin's first RAW video, and he was enjoying himself immensely. He ramps-up to cum, unloads one squirt on Vander's hole, and buries the rest deep inside of him. Just like a pro!

Cum starts oozing out of Vander's hole while Gavin uses his cock to shove it back in!

Neither one of these guys will disappoint, making this one of the hottest pairings ever!"


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Chaosmen | Booker & Solomon Aspen: RAW


Booker & Solomon Aspen: RAW

August 17, 2012

"I certainly wanted to put these two muscle dudes together!

Both guys are versatile, so I knew I would have some flip-flop action. Solomon's dick was in working order (no accidental bending/bruising) and he Tops Booker like a pro.

Even Booker, who does prefer to bottom, was on Top of his Game! Both of them have a little bisexual attitude growing in them, and I think the mutual muscle admiration was keeping them charged up rather than the pussy flick playing for them.

Solomon still looks like he's in pain through most of it, but like I keep saying, that is a GOOD thing for him! Whereas Booker likes a gentle approach that makes him nut.

The only snafu we ran into was we discovered Booker can't cum while standing. We were all setup for him to Juice Solomon, and we tried and tried and tried, but alas, Booker needed the cum fucked out of him! So we did a quick change about and sure enough he was busting BIG TIME. Booker even shot himself in the face.

I think we also got Solomon better at ramping-up, and he added his own load to the one already on Booker's face. Nice facial action and Booker even kept his mouth open for it.

Lots of progress for these "amateur" guys and I think everyone will be genuinely happy with their performance!"


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Chaosmen | Haigan & Kristopher: G:hOle Oral


Haigan & Kristopher: G:hOle Oral

August 15, 2012

"Last week I mentioned that Haigan sure drew his limits in an unusual place.

He said he was down for doing a G:hOle video, but wasn't quite ready to suck a guy's dick. Ironically, he said he had no problems rimming a dude's ass. That is usually the last thing I can get guys to do.

He has eaten many a girl's ass, so he figured how different could it be? Well, he did tell me after the shoot that he struggled a bit, though I can't see it on film. He forgot there would be some hair around Kristopher's hole, and that threw him a bit. Compared to some of the other models, Kristopher doesn't have a ton, but Haigan did have a tough time trying to imagine he was licking a girl's ass.

But over all, he did amazing! He loved having his cock worshiped through the hole, and you can really see how is cock went from 'just kinda hard' to 'gonna bust soon' mode. Kristopher, as always, is a consummate cock-sucker, toying with Haigan's cock like a cat with a piece of dangling...rope. Uncut rope too!

They turn to some mutual ass eating, and then Haigan bust a major nut all over Kristopher's face. Kristopher then rubs one out, then licks clean Haigan's cock!"


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