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Nick Tower

November 16, 2011

"Nick Tower is a big, beefy super-hung blonde that is just dying to show off for us. Nick starts out in the shower as the camera (and me) admire his gorgeous gym body as it glistens in the water. This man is pure all-american beef and he's packing a cock that's super thick and ready for service. I personally could watch him shower all day, but eventually I get him out and onto the bed where we get to know him better.

Once he's on the bed he gives the camera a big smile and from that point you'll fall in love. This guy is a huge show-off and he loves the camera as much as it loves him. In less than a minute he's thrown his towel to the side and starts stroking that massive monster cock of his once again. He keeps his eyes on the camera, paying it lots of attention as he works that cock for us. He loves rubbing that nice, thick body of his, too. He puts that big cock through the paces and works it over really good for us until he sprays a huge load all over his stomach.

After he shoots his juicy thick load for us I talk to Nick and get the basics from him. Nick is 20 years old, he's 6ft tall and weighs a hefty, but well-defined 210 pounds of pure man. Nick says he's always hitting the gym and anything that has to do with sports. He played football and wrestled and also power-lifted in high school. This jock is the total package and I think you'll agree."

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